Rabbi Ephraim Oshry

Saying Krias Shema while being interrupted by German guards (v4 #2) by Rabbi Aaron Cohen

19:06 minutes (3.47 MB)

Elul 5741. The Jews of the Kovno ghetto are forcibly conscripted into merciless slave labor. The days are long and the work is relentless. The question is posed to Rav Oshry: how can they fulfill the Mitzva of Krias Shema, which must be said by the third hour of the day? It is usually impossible to complete Krias Shema without being interrupted by the German guards. May one say Krias Shema in incremental sections, continuing where one left off after the interruption is over?

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Can a Kohen who disguised himself as a non-Jew duchen (v3 #13) by Rabbi Aaron Cohen

13:14 minutes (2.47 MB)

A Jewish couple disguises themselves as non-Jews, abandoning all elements of Jewish identity in order to save themselves from the Nazis. After the war, they return to the Kovno ghetto and resume observance of Torah and Mitzvos. May the husband, who is a Kohen, fulfill the Mitzva of Nesi’as Kapayim? Does the Halacha preclude him from duchening because of his association with another religion?

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