Fulfilling Krias Shema by listening - v4 #13 by R' Aaron Cohen

After the liberation, Rav Oshry searched for Jewish children who had been taken into non-Jewish families. He found a 14 year old boy wearing a cross, who asked Rav Oshry incredulously if there were still Jews left from the Kovno community. The boy eagerly went with Rav Oshry and was entrusted to a foster family. He had no knowledge of the most basic elements of Torah and Mitzvos and could not read Hebrew, and the question arose how he should initially fulfill the Mitzva of Krias Shema. Did he need to verbalize the words himself, or could he listen to someone reading it on his behalf and fulfill the Mitzva through the principle of “shomei’a ki’oneh”?

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