Rabbi Cohen's Shiur on Halachos of Hot Food on Shabbos

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Halachos of Hot Food on Shabbos, Pt. 1 by R' Aaron Cohen

46:30 minutes (7.99 MB)
  • Degree of heat that causes Bishul
  • When is food considered "cooked", and when is the cooking process completed:
    • dry food
    • liquid
  • Applications
  • Expediting the Bishul process
  • Kli Rishon
  • Iruy Kli Rishon
  • Kli Sheini
    • Kalei HaBishul
  • Ladle

Halachos of Hot Food on Shabbos, Pt. 2 by R' Aaron Cohen

42:42 minutes (7.33 MB)
  • Kli Shlishi
  • Status of solid food - ??? ???
  • Bishul Achar Bishul
    • Yavesh (dry) vs. Lach (liquid)
  • Dry food with some sauce (meatballs, chicken wings in sauce, etc.)
  • Putting previously boiled liquid in Kli Sheini
  • Bishul Achar Afiya/Tzli & vice-versa
  • Sugar in tea, coffee
  • Salt in soup, on solid food
  • Spices in soup
  • Spices on solids
  • Ketchup, mustard, mayonaise - on solid food
  • Cold soup/gravy
  • Hot solid food

Halachos of Hot Food on Shabbos, Pt. 3 by R' Aaron Cohen

60:07 minutes (10.32 MB)
  • She'hiya
  • Blech - way of addressing issue of She'hiya
  • Electric urn - without temperature control
  • Non-adjustable hotplates
  • Crockpot
  • Chazara
  • 5 Conditions
    1. Blech or equivalent - cover heat source, controls
    2. Completely cooked
    3. still warm
    4. intention to return it
    5. Still in one's hand
  • Oven
  • Halachos of various locations on Blech
  • Way to serve cholent Friday night and return it
  • Adding water to cholent
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