UNDER THE AUSPICES OF OUR MORAH D'ASRAH, RABBI AARON COHEN, CONGREGATION TIFERETH ISRAEL OF PASSAIC IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE AVAILABILITY OF SHIURIM GIVEN AT THE TIF ONLINE! The new website is called TifTorah. You may listen to the shiurim using a standard web browser on any sound-equipped PC at For the month of Elul, the TifTorah featured shiur is "Teshuva and Preparing for the Yimei Hadin," by Rav Mordechai Willig, which is displayed prominently on the TifTorah homepage. To listen to any shiur , just press the "play" button next to the shiur of your choice. Please be aware that the site is still a work in progress and will grow in breadth and depth in the coming weeks and months, b'li neder. At the current time we have a large and growing catalog of shiurim given by our esteemed Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Solomon Weinberger, which can be accessed from the TifTorah homepage or by clicking on the "R' Weinberger" link in the left-hand column of the website as well as a plethora of shiurim given by guest lecturers such as Rav Willig , SHLITA.

PODCAST: if you have an iPod or similar MP3 listening device, you may download the shiurim as subscribe-able podcasts. To subscribe to all shiurim, click on the small orange "feed" icon at the bottom right of the center column on the TifTorah homepage and copy and paste the resulting link into iTunes or whatever program you use to manage your podcast subscriptions. To subscribe to a subset of shiurim -say, only Rabbi Weinberger's shiur - click on the "R' Weinberger" link in the left column of the homepage to see only Rabbi Weinberger's shiurim, then click on the small orange "feed" icon at the bottom right of the center column of that page and paste it into your podcast receiving software (i.e. iTunes or the like.) Similarly, you may subscribe to any topic by clicking on the desired topic in the "Topics" area near the bottom of the right-hand column and following the aforementioned procedure. As the site is a work in progress, this procedure will IY"H be made easier as time goes on. Additionally, IF YOU WOULD LIKE ASSISTANCE in having the shiurim downloaded to your iPod/MP3 player, please contact Yaakov Ochs at to arrange a time for personal, hands-on help. We are also considering having an open attendance technical session in the auxiliary shiur room downstairs for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon for anyone to stop by with their MP3 device to receive assistance in synchronizing with TifTorah. Again, contact Yaakov Ochs if such a session interests you. NOTE: You may not know that many ordinary cellphones support this service (some Blackberries, Windows Mobile phones such as the Motorola Q and a host of "multimedia" phones.)   E-mail Yaakov with your cellphone manufacturer and model number to see if you can have TifTorah downloaded to your phone. For commuters, this can be an enlightening Torah "weapon" to add to your learning "arsenal" during your daily commute.

HELP WANTED: The TifTorah maintainers are looking for volunteers to help with recording and uploading the shiurim given at the Tif and in providing technical assistance to members using the site. We have procured a digital recorder that can be reserved for recording shiurim. If you are interested in helping out with the site in any capacity or in being responsible for recording a shiur , please contact Avi Turkel at If you have technical expertise in the area of web site design, (specifically, PHP and/or Drupal development) or in audio transcoding and would like to help, please contact Yaakov Ochs at We are also looking for "gadget gurus" with free time to assist those in need of podcasting/MP3 support.

YOUR SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED: If you enjoy using the TifTorah, please be sure to consider donating in support of this effort by clicking on the "Buy Now" icon under the "Support TifTorah" paragraph in the right-hand column of the homepage on

QUICK TIPS for accessing and using the TifTorah website:

  • Website location:
  • To play a shiur , click on the “play” icon next to the individual shiur (a black triangle that looks like a play button on a tape recorder.)
  • To find shiurim given by specific lecturers: click on the lecturer name or “guest lecturer” in the left column
  • To find shiurim by topic, click on a topic listed under the “Topics” section in the lower right hand column of any page on the TifTorah site. NOTE: topics that have more shiurim are larger than those with less.
  • To go back to the TifTorah homepage from any page on the site, click on the Torah in the upper left hand corner or on the word “Home” at the top left of the center column of the current page.
  • Even if you don't have an MP3 player, you can subscribe to shiurim to be automatically downloaded and stored on your computer for playback at your leisure using free software such as iTunes : or Juice:

With best regards for a happy and healthy new year,

The TifTorah Team:
Rabbi Aaron Cohen (
Avi Turkel (
Yaakov Ochs (

Congregation Tifereth Israel on the Web:

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