Rabbi Aaron Cohen - Shiurim

Ladies Shiur Terumah 5772/2012

23:31 minutes (4.04 MB)

The legitimacy of different paths in Avodas Hashem

Ladies Shiur Mishpatim 5772/2012

15:11 minutes (2.61 MB)

Giving Tzedaka and doing Chesed out of the goodness of one's heart

R' Aaron Cohen - Tu B'Shvat 5772/2012

6:49 minutes (1.17 MB)

Navigating the spiritual seasons of life

Ladies Shiur Yisro 5772/2012

40:04 minutes (6.88 MB)

Torah as new creation of world, Torah is the truest reality.

Ladies Shiur Shemos 5772/2012

22:59 minutes (3.95 MB)

Golus Ha'da'as - the need for contemplation in Avodas Hashem

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