Tifereth Israel Hachnosas Sefer Torah, Erev Shavuos 5768-2008

This past Erev Shavuos, Sunday, June 8 2008, (5768) the Tif was honored to celebrate the completion and dedication of a new Sefer Torah by all its congregants. This was the first new torah dedicated in the shul in memorable history. This occasion, so close to the holiday in which we celebrate the giving of the Torah, was an especially festive and joyous one. Below are digital photo albums and videos** taken by members of the Tif and posted online for your viewing and ordering pleasure.

INSTRUCTIONS: To experience an album or video, click on its "play" button. To order a particular photo, click on the "dogear" at the lower right corner of the slideshow containing your desired photo, navigate to the album's home page on the Picasa website and follow the instructions for ordering photos. Note that the photos in both albums have been edited and optimized for 4"x6" (2x3 aspect ratio) prints. For additional help, questions or requests for higher resolution or original, unedited versions of these photos, please use the feedback page to contact TifTorah administration with your query.

NOTE: Kibbudim (honorarium) portraits can be found in the Aaron Strum (2nd) album