R' Solomon Weinberger - Vayechi 5772/2012

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Mrs. Smiles - Vayechi: Tenacity and Truth 5771/2010

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The major theme of Parshat Vayechi is Yaakov's blessing his sons and the progenitors of the twelve tribes prior to his death. While Yaakov imparts his wisdoms and insight to each of his sons, we notice that his focus is not so much on blessings that imply prayers for success as on identifying a particular character trait for each son. Indeed, says Rabbi Reiss in Meirosh Tzurim, the source of all success is recognizing your particular abilities and character traits and then using them to achieve your goals. This understanding is an even greater requirement when pursuing spiritual goals.

Parsha Insights - Vayechi 5771/2010

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R' Weinberger - Vayechi 5771/2010

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