Embracing Rosh Chodesh: Kislev & Chanuka by Mrs. Miriam Jaffe

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R' Solomon Weinberger - Vayigash 5772/2011

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R' Solomon Weinberger - Mikeitz 5772/2011

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R' Solomon Weinberger - Vayeishev 5772/2011

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Mrs, Smiles - Chanuka: Light of Clarity 5771/2010

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Rav Schwadron, the Maggid of Yerushalayim, presents several questions in relation to the mitzvoth and celebration of Chanukah based on the Al Hanisim liturgy. Since the essence of the observance of Chanukah is giving praise and thanks to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and we thank Hashem for our deliverance, it seems strange to thank Him for the war itself, in addition to the salvation and victory. It would seem logical to assume that gratitude for the war would be subsumed under the generalization of “deliverance”.